Love Stories...Dramatically Told

2019 Showreel


There are SO MANY wedding videography services out there. Why chose us?

Our team, led by Douglas Winningham, were trained as filmmakers and our goal with every event is to make our couples FEEL the same way watching their films as they did on their wedding day!

Why do you watch some wedding videos that LOOK GREAT but leave you FEELING COLD?

Our team of cinematographers and editors is focused on the emotional moments between you, your family and friends IN ADDITION to the spectacle of the day.

Many companies run MULTIPE teams. You may not know which team you’re booking. We have ONE TEAM, our BEST.

We don’t want to make you a FLASHY VIDEO that will age like fashion trends but a MOVING FILM that you can enjoy long after your shoes go out of style.

See for yourself!

The Wedding Films